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My Vision


It has often been said that even the longest of journeys begins with the first step.

Anyone with any compassion feels sad when they read about a child who is suffering from serious illness or cancer, and doesn’t understand why this has happened to them, or a child who is suffering from severe burns after an accident.

In England we have a wonderful hospital, Great Ormond Street, which specialises in treating sick children. It is a truly British institution which does wonderful work, and in fact I have myself been active in raising money for this wonderful cause in the past. However as good as it is, it has limitations, due to location and facilities.

Freemasons in England are often met with mistrust. Even though English Freemasonry donates in excess of £20,000,000 a year to charities around the world, many which have no Masonic connection whatsoever, many Freemasons in England are often reluctant to speak about what they do, therefore at least partially some of this mistrust is understandable.

However in the USA, if you tell someone you are a Freemason, often their face will light up and they will say something like “hey, you’re one of those guys who build those wonderful children’s hospitals”. Indeed, the Shriners have 22 hospitals across the USA.

It is now my vision and intention to build a state of the art Hospital for Sick Children, which will be the most modern in Western Europe. For emergency admissions it will have its own helipad situated inside the grounds.

It will also have the very latest laser cyber-knife for treating cancers, as well as the most advanced medical facilities and equipment in the world. The hospital will be built in the countryside outside of London, and as it will be in its own grounds, children recovering from illness will be able to go on nature walks, or just take in the fresh country air.

From the tiniest of acorns a mighty oak tree can grow. Consider this to be an acorn.

Whenever I have mentioned this project to people I know in the UK I have received nothing but enthusiasm, and I have had people already saying that they were ready to work hard to raise funds for the project.

For more information please contact-

Trevor Harris
PO Box 624
London NW4 3NJ