TH14a Rare Georgian Symbolic Plate Jewel Silver Hallmarked 1820 (Bateman)


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TH14a Rare Georgian Symbolic Plate Jewel Silver Hallmarked 1820. The jewel bears the Masonic symbols of the Square and Compass, Level and Plumbrule as well as Pythagoras’s Theorem, which indicates that the jewel was worn as a Past Master’s jewel.

This is the first important William Bateman Masonic plate jewel I have encountered in 40 years, and is extremely rare. A special and rare symbolic jewel made by William Bateman, master silversmiths of London. The Hallmark also bears the letters W.B for William Bateman in a double-curved oval.

The reverse of this 200-year-old jewel has two silver loops to allow the jewel to be worn from a collarette, similar to Lodge Hallstone jewels.

William Bateman was a member of the famous Bateman family of jewellers. His grandmother, Hester Bateman, made the rare symbolic three masters jewel, illustrated in the book The Medals and Jewels of British Freemasonry, cat. no. TH3.

William Bateman took over the family business in 1839 and operated until 1843. Hester Bateman and her family are considered to be one the finest English silversmiths, of the same standard as Thomas Harper.

The jewel bears London Hallmarks for 1820 with the lowercase Hallmark letter ‘e’.

A special and rare jewel.