TH604cb 1810c Antients Royal Arch Chapter jewel with brilliants.


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A truly spectacular Antients Royal Arch Members Jewel circa 1810. The jewel is in the Antients style,
and has no less than 48 brilliants, 18 of which are extremely large, as well as nine faceted polished
metal “bullets” in the square and compasses below.

With out doubt one of the five most spectacular Royal Arch jewels I have seen in over 30 years,
whether in museums or collections.

The jewel is in the Antients Grand Lodge style, also favoured in Ireland and Scotland, similar to
TH603 but in a watchcase with brilliants.

The number 22 is etched on the back, which in 1810 was St. Albans Lodge, now No. 29.

The jewel with ribbon measures 17cm in height, and the height of the jewel alone is 9.5cm.

A rare item.