TH772-1828 Extremely rare Royal Ark Mariners members jewel hallmarked 1828 Meyer Levi/John Herbert.


TH772 Early Royal Ark Mariners member’s jewel hallmarked 1828.

A extremely special member’s jewel in the early original design without enameling.

This jewel has full London hallmarks for 1828 plus the makers mark J.H. for John Herbert of Norwich.

John Herbert made the most beautiful Royal Ark Mariners members jewel of the time as well as the large lozenge shaped Mark jewels.

John Herbert’s name was originally Meyer Levi, a silversmith from Norwich who was producing jewels of the highest standard, however due to local pressure, he was persuaded to convert to Christianity in 1827.

The jewel is extremely rare and the only example of its type I have come across in 40 years.

Silver-gilt and full London Hallmarks for 1828.